limousine service companies have been contributing massively to the US economy since 2009 and reached the revenue of nearly $3.3 billion in 2014 which soared up to $4.7 billion in next 3 years. It is promised to reach a peak of $4.8 billion in 2020 (Statisa, 2018).

However, with the introduction of Uber and a sudden shift of phone-in reservation system for online booking, limousine service companies are finding it hard to sustain the rate of annual sales.
Today, we are talking about 3 business boost strategies for limousine service companies to help them regain their position in the market and to reach the promised up-scaling.

limousine service companies
limousine service companies

User-Friendly and Eye Catching Website

88% of Americans feel negative about businesses without a website. With all these people caring about the internet, if you do not have the best limo service website for your business, you are missing out on a strong marketing tool. And if you have a website, but it is not user-friendly, you are pushing yourself centuries back and losing a plethora of revenue.

Now, let’s talk specifically about websites for limousine service companies. In this competitive industry where everyone grabs a phone and takes an Uber to avoid the hassle, keeping your business alive is a real challenge which you certainly cannot win without having a powerful online presence.
That’s what a website for limousine service company does for you. Having a good-looking and user-friendly website can be the real return on your hard-earned investments.

A thoughtfully designed/developed, mobile-friendly and relevantly organized website:

• Offers your customers 24/7 easy accessibility to your business
• Develops credibility and magnify the scale of your business
• Builds trust and help people remember you forever
• Increases revenue with direct sales

You usually have 4-6 seconds before your customer decides to go to your competitor’s website. To not let that happen, make it sure that you hire a professional Limousine website builder who takes care of all important user-friendly elements such as navigation, readability, mobile optimization, loading time etc. Sometimes, a small physical business outgrows a larger one through friendly connection with Google.

Have a website and build it wisely.

Digital Marketing: SEO, Paid Campaigns, Social Media Marketing

A decade ago, investment in digital marketing in order to target multinational market was limited only to large-scale businesses. However, with the surprising introduction of updated digital marketing tools and techniques that can help a business; small or large, target very specific population anywhere around the globe, has revolutionized the marketing practices. It doesn’t mean that traditional advertisement and marketing tactics are long gone, but they are certainly overshadowed.

Google claims that businesses; limo transportation or other, which invest in digital marketing have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy than the businesses which outlook this updated marketing tool and go for traditional methods.

Digital marketing tools such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Paid Advertisement Campaigns to help you deal with your customers in real time. Marketing companies in North American claim that with these tools and techniques of real-time connection to customers, they increased their precise targeting by 76% and drove 58% more revenue through their personalized marketing efforts in 2014.

How cool is that?

Not only this, digital marketing target people through mobile phones that 91% of American Adults carry with them all the time. It helps you identify your target customer, reach them specifically, make your home in their cognition and encourage them to buy from you. It’s an ongoing process.

If you are still ignoring digital marketing, it is like you are living in caves working on the barter system and waiting for a miraculous customer who will come automatically to you just because your limousine services are best in the city. It doesn’t work like that. You have to reach them out and SEO for the limousine service company, SMM, PPC etc. can help.

SEO is responsible for more than 15% conversions while social media help businesses close more than 13% of total business deals followed by email marketing which covers 12% of sales.
Make your decision now and hire someone to do this for you.

Customer Support

It takes five times more effort and investment to attract a brand new customer than to retain an existing one. It gives a clear idea of why it is imperative to incorporate great customer services to your business endeavors right now. Not only for the sake of saving the cash, but it is also important because existing customer have 60-70% chances of booking from your limousine company again than 5-20% chances of a new customer getting in the list. Treat your customers badly, ignore their queries and you will see how you fall into the bottomless pit of problems including legal notices, lost reputation, and loss of revenue.

limousine service companies

Good customer service not only teaches your customer about how qualified teams of drivers and chauffeurs you have in your limousine service companies but also empowers the brand recognition and public persona of your business. Talking to your customer help them remember you and make them talk about you in their social circles that brings you new opportunities to get in business with other corporate giants and up-scale.

Businesses which prefer caring about their customers genuinely rather than treating them as money tool always win. I cannot emphasize the importance of going digital with your limousine service business to adapt, survive and thrive in this challenging world. This is your only chance.